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Initial processing of BBS data

Starting with raw data downloaded from the portal, this workflow produces BBS data in a convenient format for analyses.

GJAM tutorial

This GJAM tutorial covers the conceptual background behind the model and explains why it is useful for ecological data. It also works through a basic analysis with GJAM and explains the output.

Analysis of species jointly: biodiversity data with GJAM

This GJAM tutorial was made by a team of Clark lab members for a NASA workshop in 2019. 

Conditional Prediction with GJAM

This tutorial give theoretical background of conditional prediction with GJAM and steps through an example.

Big data management and visualization with eBird

Maggie Swift and I created a two-part undergraduate-level tutorial of basic data analysis in R with eBird data for Duke's Data Expeditions program. Start with a video about collecting eBird data. Then, work throught basic basic EDA in Part 1. Finally, analyze how hurricanes affect seabird distributions in Part 2. Each tutorial works independently or as part of the series.

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